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Face Your Fears, Enjoy Life's Pleasures

Our Divine Download for May 5, 2022 is Hathor/Pleasure and Kali/Fear from The Goddess Oracle Cards. Hathor is here to tell you that the best way to achieve wholeness is your life lies in connecting with what brings you pleasure and allowing yourself to experience pleasure. Kali, who is so very misunderstood, reminds us that we have nothing to fear in our pursuit of and experience of pleasure. Have you been taught that pleasure is forbidden, sinful, or evil (NONSENSE!)? Are you so busy fulfilling your commitments that pleasure is relegated to the bottom of your list? Do you deny pleasure in order to get work done? STOP! It is time to change all that. Pleasure relieves stress and relaxes and refreshes you. Pleasure is the body's way of expressing health and vitality. Hathor says that since you have chosen to be here in a physical body that you might as well enjoy it. Son't wait for others to fulfill this need. Plan to give yourself pleasure daily, however that looks for you. Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed as part of the whole dance of creation. She reminds you to reclaim the pieces of yourself that you've give over to fear, especially because most fears are formless. You gain power by naming and witnessing your fears. Acknowledge your fears and don't just walk through them, but dance through them, find pleasures through them, despite them. Do not allow your fears to prevent you from dancing your dance, living your life, creating, or experiencing pleasure. No fear is that great and no fear deserves that much power.

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