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Face Your Financial Fears

Our Divine Download for November 21, 2020 is Face Your Financial Fears from The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. Pssstttt! Hey, guess what? When you expose your fears, they can't control you anymore! We don't talk about our finances and Abundance because it's still sort of taboo to do so. BUT, in not talking about our finances, and our associated financial fears, we give our egos the perfect breeding ground to grow them, to make them larger than life, and to produce even more of them. And that's no good. Because fear is paralyzing. Sometimes, just the act of talking about our financial fears, giving voice to them, brings them to light in a way where we can see them for what they are, see that they aren't even necessarily valid or based in reality. And, if they are, when we face them, when we acknowledge them, when we talk about them, we can make plans to mitigate them. We can move forward in an empowered way armed with a plan and in doing so, it turns down the volume on those fears substantially. We've all heard the phrase "there's nothing to fear except fear itself." This is so absolutely positively true! We tend to hold our fears in and they in turn hold us captive. How many times have you been afraid of something and it ended up playing out exactly as you thought it would. Probably not that many. We make things bigger, more difficult, and more challenging than they are by distorting our reality through the lens of fear. But fear doesn't have the same power and control when we address it and control it. Just acknowledging it sort of knocks the wind out of the mechanism of fear. The path of success, financial or otherwise, is paved with exposed and deconstructed fears. Sometimes fear can be that of success - you'd be surprised. Make sure you dig deep. Make sure you bring up ALL of your financial fears, not just the ones that linger loosely on the surface. It's those hidden ones that affect drive, acceptance, motivation that are often the biggest obstacles blocking financial success and manifestation. There truly is nothing to fear when it comes to your finances. We live in Abundance. On an Abundant planet. In an Abundance Universe. Embracing and experiencing that Abundance is your birth right. So face those fears and do it anyway (whatever it is that will get you moving forward!) Because there truly is nothing to fear here!

Did you know that fears pertaining to Abundance can linger energetically in your chakra system and create imbalances and blocks? It happens ALL the time! A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can address and remove these blocks through simple, easy spiritual action steps. Book yours today!


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