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Face Your Forgiveness Based Fears

Our Divine Download for October 4, 2020 is Forgive "It's time to let go of anger and or blame." and Love Heals Fear "The power of your love can help bullies and angry people to be less afraid." from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. Oh boy. The F word in a spiritual connotation always seems to be forgiveness. But, this beautiful message today is letting us know that we've been holding on to unforgiveness in an area (or areas) of our life out of fear. Hmmmm. That doesn't seem to be the best or most effective path towards joy or peace! I've said it before and I'll say it again: forgiveness gets a bad wrap because people just don't understand what it means to forgive. Forgiveness actually doesn't have anything much to do with the other person. It certainly isn't giving them a pass or ignoring their transgressions. But rather, it is making the decision to take control of your own life, your feelings, and how much you choose to let someone else's actions effect you by deciding that you will not hold their actions in resentment any longer. It takes a lot of emotional work to hold onto active resentments. You know this is true. You feel that exhaustion. It's draining YOU. It's hurting YOU. Guess what? They don't care. All of that energy that you're expending to actively stoke the fires of resentment, it is having no effect on the other person whatsoever. But it's sucking the life out of you and eating you alive. What are you afraid of in letting go of resentment about that person or that situation? You are not protecting yourself from ever being treated like that again in holding out the energy of unforgiveness. As a matter of fact, because your energy is focused there, through the law of attraction, you're actually increasing the likelihood that it, or something similar will happen again. These cards are assuring you that it will not. They are encouraging you to love yourself enough to heal your fear through forgiveness. They're encouraging you to love yourself enough to be willing to set yourself free from the wounds of the past. They're guaranteeing you that the path towards peace is paved through loving yourself enough to face the fears that you have relating to letting go and forgiveness and just get to the forgiving portion of the program already. Facing this fear and forgiving anyway, that my friends is true freedom.

Sometimes we can have additional challenges forgiving others when there are negative cords of attachment between us. An Energetic Cord Cutting will cleanse and clear those negative cords of attachment and is incredibly freeing in forgiveness work towards self and others. Book a Session!


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