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Fearlessly Forward

Our Divine Download for June 18, 2020 is Go Forward Fearlessly from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. It's time to move. It's time to rise up and move forward. This is your official green light from the Universe. It might not be easy, and it might not look exactly the way that you thought that it would, but it's time. This is also your reassurance. Your reassurance that everything will be okay. Even if you don't think so. Even if you don't see how. Even if you don't yet believe that is even possible. It will. Because you wouldn't be being asked to move if that weren't the case. Being fearless does not mean that there is an absence of fear. Rather, it means that you face your fear (it is false evidence against reality after all!) and do it anyway. Move anyway. Affirm and reaffirm (and then reaffirm again!) that you are divinely protected, that your time is now, and that all will be well. All is already well, a lil forward movement is only going to make it that much moreso! You're not being asked to face your fears and move on your own. Heaven's no! Archangel Michael is with you to encourage you, support you, strengthen you, protect you, and guide you. With him as your companion, you cannot fail. You will move forward. You will be safe. All will be well. So take a deep breath, call on him, connect to his energy, and prepare to launch forward into this next stage of your greatness!

When moving forward and facing fears feels easier said than done, a One Question Channeled Reading can offer specific guidance and action steps, even subtle shifts in perspective to help you to just that: Book a Session!

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