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Feel Through Your Frustration

Our Divine Download for Wednesday April 22, 2020 is Surrender Frustration from the Power of Surrender Cards. Ooooohhhhhhhhhh boy. This is a timely one right now because I don't know of a single one of us who isn't experiencing frustration on some level. And we're all learning much about ourselves and the people in our lives as to how well we handle frustration and what our threshhold for frustration is. And even learning those things about frustration is well, frustrating! And you're allowed to be frustrated. You're allowed to feel the feelings that result in frustration: anger, sadness, overwhelm, numbness, etc. Sometimes we become stuck in frustration when we don't feel our feelings but try to ignore them or gloss over them. The energy of not being able to move through our feelings, or even identify them because so many are coming at us at once, can actually cause frustration. There's a difference between surrender and giving up. Surrender is an action and it's based on acceptance "I may not like what's happening or where I'm at right now, but I accept it." Surrender is a choice. and it falls in the sphere of influence, it is a thing that you can control. Frustration often stems from trying to control those things (or people) that are actually outside of our sphere of influence. The truth is, we wouldn't actually want to control those things if we could, especially those people. When we have an overwhelming desire to control things or people which are outside of our sphere of influence, it is usually because we are avoiding or misdirecting a feeling or feelings. So feel angry. Feel sad. Feel overwhelmed. Feel all of the things that you need to feel. Feel your frustration too. Just don't get stuck there because there's so much more out there just waiting for you including the peace of surrender.


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