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Fertilize Your Dreams Today

Our Divine Download for October 9, 2020 is Ostara/Fertility from the Goddess Oracle Cards. She brings us the message "Now is the perfect time start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions." Even though we are now in harvest season in the Northern hemisphere, we are being guided that the ground of our lives is fertile and ripe for planting new seeds. You'll notice that this card says specifically "Now." Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not in a month or two. Now. So, what one step can you take today, right here, right now, towards planting the future of your dreams? What one thing can you do each and every single day to tend to your seeds and subsequent seedlings of success? Fertility is a condition of timing and consistent action is necessary for anything to come of this favorable condition. If there is not a specific project or dream that you've been wanting to cultivate and grow, then this is your alert that it's time you find one. Right here, right now, today. Do not put it off. New ideas and new projects are bountiful right now and your next new passion is ripe for the picking. Meditate, take a walk in nature, talk to a trusted friend or advisor about your passions (or lack there of) and ask your Angels and your guides to partner with you for inspiration and to give you specific signs to guide you in the right direction. You are being guaranteed that if you plants these seeds now, your growth season and your harvest will be bountiful. Everything in nature is in perfect cyclical rhythm, and this is true of our lives as well. We just don't bother to align ourselves with or tune into the rhythms of our lives very often. But now is the perfect time to do so and the rewards will be great. Do it. Today. Right now!

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