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Find Balance Through Spiritual Support

Our Divine Download for October 28, 2023 is Temperance from The Halloween Oracle. Temperance is a Major Arcana Card, which is the equivalent of being a trump card in traditional playing cards. When Major Arcana cards show up in our readings, it is alerting us that we are going through a bigger deal change and transformation that what happens on a typical day. In other tarot interpretations, Tarot is also known as the card of Balance, and it is a sign for us that something in our life that has been out of balance needs to and therefore will come into balance now. Just like with the recipe that the witch is brewing up on the card, in order to strike a chord of true balance, to get it just right, there is often an element of timing at play, as well as the need for compromise and consideration. Compromise is a word that people often bristle at because we feel that when we compromise, we must somehow lose and the person or people we are compromising with must somehow win. The compromise that is talked about within the temperance card is the type of compromise where everyone feels like they have won - often to such an extent that you even feel like you actually pulled one over on the other parties involved. It is win-win-win type compromise. These types of compromise rarely come out of our own thinking or reasoning skills (as the Eight of Bats just told us yesterday), and that is the other part of the Temperance of Balance Card. We don't have to come up with the solutions to usher Temperance into our lives alone! When we ask our Spiritual Support Committee for help, they will help inspire us with divinely orchestrated solutions that can bring in the win-win-win types of compromise to the situations within our lives. So ask. Let your Spiritual Support Committee get your back. And get ready for some much better balance and some seriously winning vibes!

Our Angels know that it can be challenging for us to remember to ask for their help, or to even know how to do it (hint: there is no wrong way) and they will gladly commune with us in this process and offer us not only win-win-win types of solutions, but also simple and easy Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Reading TODAY: Book Your Reading HERE!


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