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Find Your Best Flow

Our Divine Download for November 5, 2021 is Drink More Water/Oshun from The Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Obviously the literal meaning of this card is that we are being gently and lovingly guided to drink more water because our body is thirsty for pure water right now. It can be difficult to remember to drink water, and stay hydrated with the busy-ness of life and especially as the seasons change. Not only does water help us to stay hydrated and help our physical body to work as optimally as possible, but it also helps flush harsh energies and toxins from our body in order to help keep them from being absorbed by our bodies. When you bless your water before you drink it, whatever that means to you and however that looks for you, you also then give yourself a boost of positive energy and blessings as you drink it! It is beneficial and necessary for us to interact with water right now. Perhaps we can spend time in nature by a moving body of water. Or maybe it has been too long since we last took a salt bath. Maybe it's time for us to nurture our inner child by singing or playing in the rain. When we are being called to interact with water it is because we are experiencing an elemental imbalance and we are in need of a cleansing. Water also reminds us to be mindful of our emotions and to allow them to flow naturally rather than stuffing them down or trying to control them. We are being reminded to go with the flow within our lives as well because things work so much better and more easily when we do. Oshun is and African goddess of rivers and waters. She helps women appreciate and enjoy their feminine beauty and sensuality. Both men and women can call upon Oshun for help with their romantic life, increased attractiveness, and self-esteem, or any situation involving water or the flow of abundance. Oshun will help us find our best and most beneficial flow. Flow with it Baby!

The aromaTouch Technique can feel like raindrops on your back and feet, but essential oil raindrops! It is relaxing and restorative and will bring you into a better state of homeostasis, allowing you to better experience the flow of ease and abundance in your life. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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