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Flex Those Prayer Muscles

Our Divine Download for August 23, 2020 is Prayer Will Help This Situation from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. Sometimes we pray and we wonder "Is this really doing any good? Does this ever do any good?" This card is your resounding "YES!" assuring you that prayer absolutely positively does and will help your situation right now. It wasn't so long ago, wasn't so very many days ago when we saw another message about the necessity and power of prayer (Ahem!) Prayer is your direct connection to the Divine. Embrace that connection. Foster than connection. Strengthen that connection. But, before you do anything, you actually have to connect. Yeah, I said it. In order for prayer to work, you're actually going to have to pray! (Imagine that!) We give prayer a lot of lip service. A. Lot. But how often do we put our money where our mouths are so to speak? We will say to people "I'll pray for you!" But do we? Really? Always? Do we actually stop, drop, and call up our Angels and our Guides and ask for intersession on the behalf of that person? Do we actually take the time to make the connection? How often are we taking the time to make the connection? Is it daily? Throughout the day? Or just when the shit has hit the fan and we're in a huge emotional panic and uproar which makes it difficult to connect to anyone or anything? Prayer is a muscle of the mind, heart, and energetic body. You need to train it, you must use it, just like any other muscle. The more you do so, the more powerful that muscle and that connection will become. The stronger that particular muscle grows, the more profound results you will see through your prayer. The more clarity you will receive with your action steps. So pray. Flex that muscle. Pray without ceasing. Pray for the big stuff. Pray for the small stuff. Pray for all of the stuff. Pray in different ways and try on and try out which methods help you connect the most efficiently. There is no one right way to pray. The only wrong way to pray is not to. You have been promised that prayer, that connection, that turning over to the Divine through that connection will help your situation right now. So get to it. Get on it. What have you got to lose?! Because you have absolutely everything to gain!

Sometimes we get stuck with prayer because we feel like we HAVE asked (and asked, and asked...) but we just haven't received an answer, which leads to us feeling disconnected and hopeless. This can happen when we aren't asking the right things, or we aren't asking in the right ways, or we are trying to hard to control our results, or are looking one very specific place for our very specific answer. It is helpful to check in with your Angels when you find yourself in this type of cycle with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading which most of the time will alert you that you actually ARE receiving answers, you just are not realizing that you are! Book a Session!


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