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Flip The Script On Past Disappointments

Our Divine Download for November 14, 2022 is Archangel Phanuel/Hope, Optimism, New Beginnings from the Energy & Spirit Oracle. Archangel Phanuel isn't one who typically gets a lot of lip service, which is a shame because he is the angel of hope who brings the light of the sun and the dawn of a new day. He assures you that experiences of great fulfillment are on the horizon for you, even if you've had disappointments in the past, this is your reassurance that brights new resolutions and happy outcomes are on the way. Archangel Phanuel also reminds you of the power of hope and optimism. When you consciously choose to release fear and doubt, your peaceful, trusting attitude and outlook will connect you with all things uplifting. We live in an abundant universe filled with amazing infinite potential. With your commitment to optimism, and Archangel Phanuel's powerful presence, a wonderful new opportunity beyond anything that you could have hoped or wished for is guaranteed to be right around the corner for you. If there are things in your life that you have come to feel hopeless about, it's vital for you to work on turning that view around now as such issues can darken your energy and delay your desired outcome. You always still have the power to reverse your hopelessness and change any and all events that may have caused you such frustration. Never doubt that. Affirm: "I feel the light of Phanuel filling me with hope and excitement. I have faith in myself and the sparkling new future coming my way.

The energy of past disappointments and lack of hope and optimism can become stuck in your chakras and in your body. A Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading will identify the stuck energy of these blocks and provide you simple Spiritual Action Steps to remove and balance them. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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