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Flow Through Transition With Strength & Vitality

Our Divine Download for June 9, 2022 is Madder from The Druid Plant Oracle. Madder embodies the energies of strength, coming of age, The Goddess, depletion, resistance, and anger. Madder is considered the plant and blood of the Goddess because the rich red dye that it produces symbolizes the vitality of the body and the fertility of the land. This card could mean that you have reached a time of major change in your life, or it could mean that you have reached a certain point in your development.. Either way, this card symbolizes something meaningful and worthy of recognition. You may want to make this time consciously and actively with a rite of passage or a pilgrimage of sorts to a sacred or meaningful place. Strength is ow needed, in your life, whether that be literal physical strength or strength of character to either endure difficult circumstances, resist the easy option, delay your own satisfaction or reward for the sake of something more important, or simply to keep moving forward during this period of change and development. Madder also reminds us that though it is important for us to express our anger at times in healthy and appropriate ways, we do need to be mindful that our anger is powerful and one of the powers possessed within our anger is the potential to wound others. Madder will support you if you are struggling to deal with your own anger or the anger of another person. If you have been in a pattern or cycle where you have spent your life believing, or perhaps been shown or taught, that the demands and needs of others are more important than your own, there are likely feelings of resent and anger towards those people who have enabled this pattern. Madder puts you on notice that now is the time to change this pattern and attend to your own needs first and foremost in order to take care of and support you own life-force and strengthen your own vitality.

We often feel the most lost during times of major change and development, even when these changes and developments are positive. Allow your Angels to help guide you through this time during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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