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Flow With It

Our Divine Download for August 20, 2021 is Archangel Joules reminding us to "Align with the highest. Go with the Flow. " from the Archangel Oracle Cards. It is time for you to have more flow in your life. It is time for your life to flow. We are meant to be in the flow, we are meant for things to flow. We are not meant to experience difficulty and hardship and constant struggle and turmoil. Archangel Joules governs over the oceans and suggests that we would do well to interact with water right now, especially in a cleansing capacity. How can you cleanse your chakras in order to allow yourself to be better tuned into the natural rhythms and natural flow of the universe? It does not matter how you interact with water right now, as long as you do so with intention. You can actually draw up the wisdom of the waters into your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. When your life flows, everything happens easily and fluidly. You are able to move with the currents, rather than being swept or carried away by them, and you are better able to tap into the universal support and assistance available to you on your journey. What has been keeping you from going with the flow? What have you been struggling with or against? Struggle is the antithesis of flow. What is weighing you down and keeping you from being able to experience the natural flow of the universe and in your life? Where have you shied away from aligning yourself with your highest good? Are you welcoming in the highest and greatest good for yourself and others? Are you afraid of having more ease in your life? Are you willing to surrender to going with the flow? If any of these questions bring up emotional responses or feel challenging for you, Archangel Joules is here to help you work with those emotions and through those challenges if you will ask for their assistance.

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