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Flow With It Baby

Our Divine Download for July 23, 2021 is Ocean, Ebb and Flow from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. We are being gently reminded to follow the natural flow of our emotions, moving with them, moving through them, as they ebb and flow, rather than allowing ourselves to be take under by them or becoming swept away by them. We are composed of over 70% water, just as over 70% water covers the Earth's surface. As such, we possess a natural fluidity that we often forget, or ignore. When we join the fluidity of life, and honor the innate fluidity which exists within us and around us, we honor this part of who we truly are. When we become rigid and attempt to ignore our true fluid nature, this is when we have the potential for being captured by our emotions. Emotions simply are. They are part of us, and they are meant to flow through us and with us. We can make them bigger than they are, even obsess over which emotions may serve us and which may not, when we do not allow them to simply be, and rob both our emotions and ourselves of their natural ebb and flow. We do not need to minimize some emotions or exaggerate others, labeling them or categorizing them for our own comfort or the comfort of others. When we stay in the natural ebb and flow of our emotions, rather than analyzing and thinking about them, we are better able to express and experience all of our emotions. When we try to avoid or constrict feeling our emotions, it is like trying to restrict or control the tides of the oceans. Those tides grow bigger and more forceful the more that we try to control them. Don't deny the ebb and flow of any of your feelings, including hurt, anger, fear, and sadness. Don't make these emotions bigger than they are by trying to control them. Rather, let them be. Experience them as they come, as just like with the tides, they will ebb and flow and you will not be in any one particular emotional state forever. It's just not possible. It's always easier to swim with the tides and currents rather than against them as we try to resist the truth of our very nature.

When we've been in a state of resistance of our emotional nature for some time, regardless of the reason we may be resisting, we make our emotions, especially our challenging emotions much bigger than they actually are, which makes us avoid them even more. Our Angels will offer us practical advice for how to stop resisting our emotions and allow our feelings to ebb and flow like the tide during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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