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Flow With It Baby!

Our Divine Download for December 29, 2021 is Easy Does It from the Magical Messages With the Fairies Oracle Cards. Our Fairies bring us the message "Stop trying so hard to control everything and all the doors will open for you." When we try to control things, we inevitably make them harder than they have to be. It takes practice and faith to let go of control. But when you can, and when you do, you are better able to be in the flow of life, and being in that flow foes feel wonderfully easy. Right now, look at an area of your life that you find challenging. How and where can you surrender control within that dynamic and just allow it to flow? Where have you been pushing that you can pull back and just take a breath. Our breath is one of the greatest and most powerful tools that we have, and it is always with us. Always. When we can breathe, we can breathe out the illusion of control and breathe our way into the universal flow of which we are meant to be a part. Flow uplifts us. Flow lightens us. Flow restores us. Flow really, truly does set us free. Flow is our natural state of being. Control is not only an illusion, but is a man made construct and ideal. And how well does that ever work out for any of us? When you are finding it hard to be in the flow, interact with the water element. Drink more water. Take a sea salt bath. Dress in colors that remind you of the water. Decorate your space with colors and images that remind you of the water. Swim. Float (in tanks if it's not seasonally appropriate). However you choose to interact with water, do so with the intention that you are surrendering your need for control and going with the flow. And so it is. Easy Peasy!

Control can be a hard habit to break when it has been one that we have relied on and even built up the illusion of safety around. Check in with your Angels for reassurance that all is well and for helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to go with the flow during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!

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