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Fly Towards The Light of Beauty

Our Divine Download for June 19, 2022 is Butterfly Clan from the Spirit Wheel Meditation Deck with the keywords mental clarity, awakening, and beauty. You are awakening or breaking free of some restriction in your life. You may have gone through a difficult period recently, and this time is representative of the proverbial butterfly who is now emerging from their cocoon as the challenging circumstances that you endured were the catalyst of necessary growth and change. Your soul has changed and shifted and you are now drawn to and motivated to follow and allow yourself to experience beauty. Acknowledge the incredible transformative journey that you have taken and all that you have experienced to lead you to this point of emergence - be proud of yourself for having the courage to take flight now. You may feel as though your senses and aesthetics are heightened as you prioritize flying towards the light and focus on what you love. You will begin to experience, notice, and find beauty in places you never could have imagined as the beautiful patterns and cycles of life unfold before you. As you follow the butterfly's lead to seek out and focus on beauty, you will be lead away from confusion and uncertainty and toward mental clarity and sharp focus. This clear insight and peace of mind allows you to now take flight and be free in joy which is your birth rite! It is essential to recognize our own beauty within in order to recognize the beauty that surrounds us. The Butterfly Clan's Prayer is: "As I transform from the darkness to the light I can now see the beauty that is around me and within me. I naturally move towards the things that bring my heart great joy and I help others along the way to discover their own inner beauty."

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