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Focus, Focus, Focus

Our Divine Download for July 1, 2020 is Focus from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. This card puts us on notice that we are in clear and present danger of sabo

taging our life experience by not maintaining appropriate and steady focus on what we want. It is imperative for us right now in the current world of chaotic energy, to keep our thoughts focused with laser precision on what we want (NOT what we do not want, or what we dread, or what we fear - cancel, clear, delete all of that!) We must guard our thoughts like sentinels and remain ever mindful of what we allow to play out and take root in our thoughts and in our minds. Our thoughts create our real world experiences. We always choose our thoughts. We always (ALWAYS) have free will choice over our thoughts in each and every moment, even at those times when it does not feel like we have control over anything else in our lives. If you feel challenged to maintain appropriate focus, work with the affirmation "I am now able to focus my mind at will. I hold only loving, successful thoughts, and my angels act as gatekeepers in establishing a steady streams of thoughts of love and success!" There are no neutral thoughts. In fact, we decide to hold a thought a half second before you actually hold it. Between this awareness, the fact that the infallible mind of the Divine exists within your own mind, and working with this affirmation, there are truly no limits to your ability to focus. Make sure you use your newfound power for good! ;)

When the macrocosmic focus is trumping the microcosmic focus (thus interfering with your daily focus), it can be the perfect time to check in with where your Angels and your guides want you to be placing your focus . The Triple T - Timely Transformation Themes Reading will give you specific guided action steps and areas of focus: Book A Session!

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