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Focus. Intend. Receive.

Our Divine Download for November 17, 2021 is Diana/Focused Intention from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. Diana reminds us "Think about what you desire. Set your sights high. Expect the best possible outcome." Diana is the Roman moon goddess of the hunt, also known as Artemis in Greek mythology. She helps us focus on a vision, our vision, with laser focus and clarity. She also helps us tune into our intuition so that we can listen to the wisdom that will guide us towards our goal and through our vision. She also encourages women to move into the full expression of their true power and promotes equality for all souls. Diana asks us to move forward with steadfast and unwavering faith with the certainty that the whole of the universe is supporting you. She is helping us awaken our divine ability to manifest what we deserve (Hint: it's WAY more than you think that you deserve!) Your fear is a reminder for us that what we are working on or through is an important issue for our growth - that fear is essentially proof positive that we ARE growing and are heading in the right direction. Our focus improves and is strong now and will be even more powerful with the next full moon and upcoming lunar cycle. Because Diana works so closely with the moon and the lunar cycles, she encourages us to set aside some time under the dark of night in order to connect with the energy of the moon to help steady and illuminate our clarity of focus. When we take this time during the dark of night, it alleviates the chance that divinely inspired messages will be missed due to the hectic nature of our average days. Clarify what your intentions are today. Focus there. Hit your targets well!

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