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Focus On Enthusiasm For Love!

Our Divine Download for June 12, 2022 is Love and Enthusiasm from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms. Love and enthusiasm go hand in hand in a very intimate and specific way. But we rarely prioritize love and often don't have a whole heck of a lot of enthusiasm for it. We are here on this Earth plane at this time to be in joy and a big ol' part of that is experiencing love. But so often our society looks at love as an after thought if at all. It's something we might get around to, if we knock everything else off of our to-do list, you know, if and when we have time. Whether you are single and looking for love, or in a relationship, honestly ask yourself how much of a priority you make your love life. Honestly assess your level of enthusiasm for love. We are meant to love each other (and ourselves unconditionally) so that we may acknowledge the wisdom, beauty, and holiness in ourselves and others. Love soothes and nourishes, healing both the receiver and the sender. That all sounds pretty darned important, right? But how in the heck are we supposed to experience any of it when love barely makes our to-do lists?! Enthusiasm attracts more enthusiasm. Many of us feel as though we don't know how to be enthusiastic. That's okay, and give circumstances of the recent past, it's certainly understandable. Take some enthusiasm lessons from children, puppies, and kittens and take notes! Apply their lessons to your life, especially in the area of love. Challenge yourself to allow and encourage more enthusiasm in your life. Challenge yourself to prioritize enthusiasm surrounding your love life. This is truly where you will find your actual love of life and you will watch the love of your life and the love in your life bloom and grow in ways that you never knew it could flourish.

Our Angels are enthusiasm experts and they love to give us Spiritual Action Steps focused on love and enthusiasm during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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