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Focus On The Positive For More Positive

Our Divine Download for February 15, 2023 is Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life From The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Positive thinking and faith will bring your romance." We are conditioned within our society to focus on what is wrong, where there is lack, essentially everything that is not right in our worlds. Well, this is your alert that this isn't going to work in your relationships, especially within your romantic relationships. We need to focus on everything that we DO like or love and all that IS working about our partners and our friends, even our families. When was the last time you took any of those types of inventories, much less expressed those things to the people with whom you are in various relationships? Can you imagine if you took the time and made the effort to just express one optimistic quality to your partner each day? And if everyone else on the planet did the same for someone in one of their relationships...just imagine the energetic changes that we would be able to affect if we all made a conscious effort to do this more often. People need and want to hear that they are loved and valued. While it is true that words of affirmation are not everyone's primary love language, and some are even conditioned by past circumstances or relationships not to be able to hear those words at all, simply putting the energy of that gratitude and that optimism and all that IS right in your world and your relationships out there into the universe truly has a dynamic effect on changing the energies not just within your life and your relationships, but on a far greater cosmic scale.

When you are having difficulty staying optimistic about your love life (or anything else for that matter) it is the perfect time to commune with your Angels to have them buoy your faith and optimism during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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