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Focus Your Attention With Intention

Our Divine Download for December 1, 2022 is Block Out Distractions from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. Focus, focus, FOCUS! That's what we are being guided to do right now. When we look at the things that we are trying to manifest in our lives, including abundance, we have to take an honest inventory of how much attention we are actually paying to those things and how much of our time we are truly devoting to manifesting that which we want. We need to commit ourselves to the process of obtaining what it is we want, including abundance. That means each and every single day, we need to be taking action that moves us towards our desires. What actions have you take towards your desires today? What actions have you taken for manifestation today? What actions have you taken towards abundance today? If you have not taken those actions, start. Right now. No delays, no excuses. No distractions. Only actions that are in alignment with our desires are important at this juncture. Why would we spend our precious energy on things that don't support our goals? Unfortunately most of us aren't particularly mindful about how we are spending our time and where we are investing our energy. It is time to become crystal clear and laser focused on them now. Anything that distracts or pulls your energy and you attention from those things that you desire simply isn't worth it and isn't for you right now.

If we aren't sure what is necessary in our lives and what is merely a distraction, our Angels will help us get to the bottom of that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book A Session HERE!

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