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Follow Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for December 17, 2021 is Follow Your Dreams from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Are you following your dreams? Do you remember what all of your beautiful dreams are? When was the last time you checked in with yourself and connected to and inventoried your dreams? As we grow and evolve, sometimes our dreams will naturally shift and change. But when aren’t connected to our dreams and do not have an awareness of our dreams, we may not notice when they have shifted or changed, or even whedn maybe we have been dreaming of and pursuing something which no longer serves us. As our dreams shift andd change throughout our lifetimes, there can be some natural sadness and it is necessary for us to allow the natural grief process to unfold as we let go off some dreams and shift our focus and our attention to other, newer dreams which are better aligned with our Divine Right Purpose. There is often so much dichotomy within our dreams and as one dream may fall away or shift and change as we grow, new, different, wonderful exciting dreams will come in. We are allowed to feel all of the emotions associated with our dreams. It doesn’t all have to be sunshine and rainbows when it comes to dreamland. We are also asked to be open and receptive to the guidance that we receive from our heavenly help desk right now. There are specific messages that they are bringing us pertaining directly to our beautiful dreams. Are we in a place and making space in order to receive these messages? Are we listening? Are we hearing? Are we understanding? Our Angels and our Guides want to help support us because they absolutely want us to obtain our beautiful dreams and they want us to have everything that our hearts desire which is for our greatest and highest good. It is important for us to remember that when some of our dreams may feel derailed, or possibly even do not come true, it is simply because it was not for our greatest and highest good at that time and the universe always (ALWAYS!) has something even better in store for us. Tune into your dreams. Connect to your dreams. Adjust your dreams as necessary. Follow those dreams and prepare to receive your heart’s desire.

When we have disconnected from our dreams, our Angels can help us plug back into ourselves and the limitless possibilities available to us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Sesison Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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