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Follow Your Guides, Do Your Work Well

Our Divine Download for March 27, 2024 is Your Spirit Guide Can Lead You But Can't Do It For You from The Healing Spirits Oracle Cards. There are no short cuts when it comes to spiritual growth, development and evolution. #facts You have to do the work. #facts You cannot trick the universe into doing all, some, or part of the work for you. #facts Therefore, your spirit guides can do just that, they can GUIDE you. But they cannot do the work for you. Truth be told, they wouldn't even if they could. Because they know that if they did we would never learn what we are meant to learn, which is literally one of the main reasons that we are on this planet at this time. Our spirit guides would never do anything that would block or delay our growth or spiritual development or evolution, and they know where we are going and where we are growing because they are able to see much bigger picture than we will ever truly even imagine. Sometimes we become frustrated with our guides because we don't understand that they are guides and not there to do the work for us. It is normal and natural that we would rather delegate our spiritual work and growth - we tend to try to do that with any and all work that we can. But this time, these times, it's simply not an option, and honestly, thank goodness that it isn't! Our spirit guides can lead us to where we need to go, what we need to do, and even guide us as to the easiest, most effective way to do the work that we need to do, if we simply ask them to do so. They can literally do everything BUT the actual work itself, when we ask for their help, guidance, and assistance. So stay in your lane and be willing to do the work and be the worker bee in your own life, and utilize your spirit guides as the magical support team that they are.

If you have had or are having trouble connecting with your spirit guides, a Stairway to Heaven Session is perfect for you to meet some of your guides and learn how to best and most easily communicate with them. Schedule Your Stairway To Heaven Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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