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Forbidden That Forbidding

Our Divine Download for November 17, 2020 is Forbidden Fruit/Apple from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Apple asks "What have you forbidden yourself?" This seemingly easy, seemingly innocuous question is oh so very layered. It forces us to look at ourselves in a new, more holistic and integrated way, and it also asks us to look at the concept of the idea of "forbidden." Most of us would probably read that initial question and think "I don't do that, I don't 'forbid' things." But you do. You absolutely do. When you don't allow your body to move in the certain specific ways that it craves. When you don't move your body meaningful at all for a period of time. You are forbidding your physical body it's full free experience of expression. When you don't say what you mean every single time you speak (every. single. time.) and when you quiet or silence your voice when it wants to sing or chant, you are forbidding the full and balanced expression of your throat chakra and forbidding the full gift of self expression. When you eat only according to a certain diet or plan and do not listen to what your body needs and craves you are forbidding full nourishment of your physical vessel and full connection with the Earth which sustains us by providing our food source. When you ignore the quiet insistence of your intuition and allow your ego to shout commands at you, you are forbidding your full knowledge and power and forbidding your true guidance system to do it's job. When you do not actively seek out time and experience in nature on a regular basis, you are forbidding true connection to the Earth. And so on, and so on. So, yeah, you do some forbidding. Each and every day. And Apple is calling on you to flip the script on all of the fruitless forbidding and asking us to participate in allowance and acceptance. So every time your knee jerk rigid automatic reaction to something is to shut it down or turn it off, take a beat, pause, and explore how you can actually turn in up and turn it on. Step into allowing the full sensations, the full expressions, the full experience of your life.

Forbidding is one of those layered, ego driven, reactionary things and one with which we might not always know or understand why we began to forbid certain things. Some things may have simply always been forbidden, as it was the way of our family or origin. Exploring the nature and need of some of our assigned forbiddens can be an empowering and liberating experience and is easily and comfortably done with the loving and supportive guidance of our Angels during a 60 minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session!

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