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Forget Fear, Live in Love

Our Divine Download for July 2, 2024 is Fear "I realize that I am testing my resolve to live in the energy of love" from The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards. The outcome of all choices in life is determined by two emotions: fear or love. Your soul is made of the energy of love, and dear is an earthly manifestation of a challenge. Fear is also how our ego controls us (and in fairness how it kept us alive as a species for all of time), but it stands for False. Evidence. Against. Reality. or False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Fear is a liar. #facts To embrace and wallow in fear is to go against your very being. Fear, in its many guises is the obstacle that your soul uses to test its tenacity to stay on track. For a soul, human life can be very difficult (as difficult as we choose to make it, and we have a propensity to make it vastly more difficult than need be). Acknowledging that your soul's true nature is love will always help you on your path. When fear rears its ugly head, it is really an opportunity for you to stare it in the ye and turn that doubt into trust. View it as a teacher. What lesson are you learning from these fearful emotions? The more you use the energy of love to defuse fearful situations, the less often they will present themselves. It can also be helpful to address your ego directly out loud by saying "No ego, that is not true" or "No ego, that is a lie" or "No ego, you're a liar, all you do is lie." It can be further helpful to give your ego a personification, and see how far you can shrink it down. This is how we begin to turn ego from would be foe into potential friend.

The energy of fear can be attached to past experiences and sometimes we need to move, balance, and even extract that energy by doing an Energetic Cord Cutting on those past experiences or the people who brought those experiences to us. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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