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Free Your Heart From Grief

Our Divine Download for April 19, 2024 is Grief from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "Tears are what happens when the ice in the heart melts." This card puts us on notice that there is some grief energy that we need to process and deal with. Grief is an emotion and an energy that doesn't get discussed in our society the way that it needs to. We all grieve. Not just when we lose people, but when we lose things, when we lose opportunities, when sad things happen. We all have latent grief related to the pandemic and the losses that each and every single one of us experienced both individually and collectively, and much of that grief we don't have a particularly connected awareness about because we have only started to have the emotional space to realize that it exists. When you first saw this card and read it's message, whatever first came up for you, whatever first came to mind is probably what you need to actively work on grieving. That might mean allowing yourself to cry. It may be admitting to yourself that you are holding grief over whatever it is you are grieving. It may be moving your body in a particular way in order to release that grief. Sometimes we need to rest. Sometimes we need to just sit with our sadness. Collectively sitting with our emotions and not taking active steps to distract and detract from them is not necessarily something that we do particularly well with, because most of us learned to use distraction as a coping mechanism. But our hearts are saying that this grief has to be expressed in order for us to move forward. It's like Shrek says "better out than in." It might not necessarily feel good to be in grief while we are experiencing it in the moment, but it is necessary and feels pretty darned good when we can express and process our emotions in the real time moments that they are happening, or when we can learn to prioritize emotions that we recognize are within us and need to come out. So be willing to do whatever is necessary to ditch the grief that is weighing you down.

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