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Free Your Mind (And The Rest Will Follow)

Our Divine Download for October 25, 2023 is Chinnamasta from the Kali Oracle. Chinnamasta is described as "Sacred severance is her radical grace. She is our soul's power to shed and survive, to outgrow and evolve. When the soul needs to separate itself from that on which it one relied - be it a view of ourselves or the world, or a group or belief system that cannot support the truths of the heart - she is the capacity, sovereignty and courage required for self-liberation. Systems of oppression within your mind and your world will be overcome. You have the power to sever your attachment to the past and focus on inner regeneration and reorientation, healing into a path that is worthy of your heart." Chinnamasta signifies a powerful activation of the spiritual path through the confrontation of oppressive behaviors, self-limiting attitudes and intellectual dominance of intuition. The head is the symbol of the known, of thinking, of forms of authority. It is the head that wears the crown, the sign of status and power. Unrestrained by authority, she is able to overpower it. For our human selves, the head is the locus of control, so during a Chinnamasta initiation, you will not understand what is happening, and you won't know how everything is going to turn out. This is meant to be and not something you need to worry about or fight against. Chinnamasta is potent medicine for liberation. Chinnamasta severed her own head, representing self-liberation. We do not have to wait for another to intervene. She shows the way to save ourselves, to move from inner courage and inner wisdom. Her presence can indicate a time when you must trust yourself completely, without external support systems to rely on. The belief and constructs that once supported you will no longer be able to do so. Success cannot come from the tried and true paths of the past. You are evolving beyond that. It is time to rest in the void and allow for a new way to emerge.

Any time our spiritual path is activated, it can cause discomfort and disorientation and our Angels understand this and will provide us Spiritual Action Steps to help us through this time with the most grace and ease possible during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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