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Free Yourself From Disturbance

Our Divine Download for May 16, 2021 is Peaceful/Holy Spirit from the Angels & Saints Oracle Cards. Peace. Peaceful is defined as "free from disturbance; tranquil." But what does that mean to be free from disturbance or tranquil? It's a state of mind, a matter of choosing to be, rather than something that just happens or simply is. We are free from disturbance when we decided not to allow outside forces, be they people, places, or things, to hold the necessary power over us in order to disturb us. Read that again. That's right: it is a CHOICE to be free from disturbance. It is a choice to be peaceful. Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to make and live in and live by these choices. People are going to swirl in their chaos. Places are going to be in turmoil. Things are going to happen. Facts. But, they're going to be as they are regardless of whether or not you choose to allow them to invade your peace. Disturbances are going to exist regardless of if you choose to participate in them or with them. They'll even happen in your life. But, you get to choose to what extent you allow them to disturb you. You get to choose if you allow these things, or anything to rob your of your peace. We live in such a reactionary world that we forget that we have these types of choices. We take everything so personally and feel great responsibility for the turmoil that exists around us. This seems to be even more true as light workers. But the truth is that most of the stuff that we allow to disturb us, to interrupt our tranquility, and to which we sacrifice our peace, aren't even really about us. It's not ours, and it's not within our control. So why are we allowing it to disturb us? How many of the burdens that you carry, the disturbances that you experience could you just set down or stop participating in? Isn't that an experiment that is worth trying?! Decide to choose a peaceful path. Choose not to allow your peaceful nature to be affected or interrupted by those disturbances that exist around you. Choose yourself. Choose peace.

Being peaceful can be tricky when the world seems to rush and whirl around us most of the time. It can be necessary to carve out peaceful time and peaceful moments for ourselves. Allow yourself to experience the peace of an Integrative Reiki Session and see how peaceful you can be when you choose to prioritize yourself and your peace. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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