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Free Yourself Through Forgiveness

Our Divine Download for February 20, 2024 is I Forgive and Release The Past To Heal My Life from The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle. Oh boy. From nutrition to forgiveness, these cards are really on a roll when it comes to everyone's least favorite topics. The thing of it is with forgiveness is that it tends to be something that we have an overall misunderstanding for. Forgiveness is never about anyone else. Forgiveness is all about us. It is about us surrendering the burden of something that someone else has done or someone else's poor choice which may have hurt us or others. Why should we carry that for them? Why would we? I can almost guarantee that they rarely are and rarely do. Forgiveness also isn't about us saying that it is okay for others to treat us in an unacceptable or destructive manner. It is again simply about choosing not to carry and to set down the burden for them having done so. When something happens, there are usually two people to forgive: the other person and ourselves. Because we take on their poor choices or harmful or hurtful behavior. We make ourselves responsible for it. How many times have you said "I should have known..." "I should have seen..." "I shouldn't have done..." Um, yeah, even the most psychic among us must learn to absolve ourselves of these types of shoulds because they never belonged to us in the first place. They don't serve us. Punishing ourselves and judging ourselves harshly just do not serve us. So why do we do it? Because we have been conditioned to, usually by our families of origin, though society doesn't help. So forgive. Don't forget, but forgive. It is one of the most freeing gifts that you can give yourself.

Sometimes it takes more than free will choice and mindfulnesss to be able to forgive those who have hurt us and we may need An Energetic Cord Cutting to sever the negative cords of attachment that that person or those people have to us. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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