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Free Yourself Through The Path Of Truth

Our Divine Download for July 7, 2024 is Truth from The Magical Messages From The Mermaids Oracle Cards. This card encourages us to admit the truth to yourself because when you accept the truth it can set you free and it can be a joyful experience (although our ego will absolutely tell us otherwise). Avoiding the truth just isn't beneficial. Ever. Look particularly closely at any areas of your life that worry you. Sometimes truth can hurt. Sometimes truth can be uncomfortable. But it is only in facing that potential hurt or discomfort that will allow us to be set free. When you ask to find out the truth of a situation, it will reveal itself at the perfect time. Are you being totally honest with yourself? With others? Even if you think that you are protecting someone by withholding the full truth, this is rarely the right thing to do. In most circumstances, its better to reveal the truth in a loving way, so that those involved can work through things together. It is important to acknowledge freewill, and to give others the opportunity to make their own choices based on the truth. This is also freeing on a karmic level. When you live your life in truth, you never need to recall what you've said or done previously because you walk the path of honesty. There is no truer path that you can take and no easier, smoother walk for you to make. Honor your truth. Honor the truth in all situations. And it really will set you free.

When we have no been truthful, or others have not been truthful with us in the past, the pain of that lack of truth can live in our physical, mental, emotional, or energetic bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can help identify and remove pain caused by lack of truth and authenticity. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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