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Gateways Abound

Our Divine Download for September 4, 2020 is Gateway/Enchanted Valley from the Sacred Destiny Oracle. There are places on the Earth plain where the veil between the worlds is thinner than most. These are magical places, sacred places, and these types of gateways, this type of gateway energy is available to you now. It is now easier than usual, possibly easier than ever, to manifest your dreams. You receive more bang for your buck, more return on your investment on the energies which you put forth towards your magical dreams and those goals you most revere. Wondrous events are unfolding and a sense of wonder is blossoming in your life, if you will allow it to do so. Magic is afoot. Miracles are at hand. You are being supported by magical beings of other dimensions and plains of existence - will you allow yourself to receive their support? Watch for the signs, ask for illumination. Revelations and illumination will come if you are open to receive. The more awareness and attention you give to the seemingly "small" miracles and wonders in your life, the more they will grow as you magnify them and they multiply before your very eyes. Are you ready? Are you ready to connect? Ready to allow? Ready to acknowledge the magic within you and around you? Are you willing to believe in those parts of yourself, those magical parts of yourself which you cannot yet see? Are you willing to acknowledge that there is always more than meets the eye? If you are ready, the Gateway is open for you now. Believe in it. Find it. And break on through to the other side! You'll be so very happy that you did because your life will truly never be the same, in the best, most magical way possible!

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