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Gather Your Blessings

Our Divine Download for February 20, 2022 is Harvest/Gathering of Blessings from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. When you receive this card you are being put on notice that your own harvest is coming. Ahem. I said: YOUR HARVEST *IS* COMING!!! There is a project or a goal to which you have devoted much time, effort, and attention, and you are about to reap the rewards. The seeds of this project or goal were planted with your own hands and because you planted with intention, and care was taken with the actions needed to tend the seeds, they have thrived. If you have not already seen the fruits of your labor growing in your life, be aware of the potential bountiful results which are about to come your way. Know that sometimes the growing occurs in the ethers behind the scenes and out of the view of tangible manifestation or physical eyes. If there is still work to be done, as known by your heart and your soul, make sure that your thoughtfully, heartfully, carefully consider the best course of action and make that a priority. Remember the simultaneity of cause and effect. Because even as you are harvesting the blessing of past action, you are also planting seeds for future outcomes. As you prepare yourself for the forthcoming harvest, also know that your appreciation for the gifts that your're receiving will be seeding the energetic fields with even more prosperous and joyous results! Affirm: "I work joyously on the goals that I am planting now, and I appreciate all the support and sustenance that the universe has to offer." And so it is!

It is often darkest right before the dawn, and things can often feel the leanest and the bleakest immediately prior to harvest. Allow your Angels to offer you some reassurance about your forthcoming harvest during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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