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Gaze Upon The More

Our Divine Download for December 23, 2020 is Stargazing from Oracle of the Fairies. It is pretty common place for the guidance that we receive to encourage us to slow down and to turn inward in order to connect with that wise and Divinely connected inner part of ourselves. But today, we are being guided to look outside of ourselves and even much beyond where we typically look in order to recognize and realize our part in the greater whole of the entire magnificent Universe. This is a wonderful practice when we are feeling overwhelmed. Often when we feel overwhelmed it is because we feel stuck and unsupported, and that there is nothing else other than the circumstances which led to our feeling of overwhelm. So look up when you're feeling overwhelmed. Look up and realize that there's more. There's so much more. Yes, there is a lot inside of us. Yes, there is a lot surrounding us. But there's so very much more than that. And all of that much more moves in and with the same beautiful rhythm as the rest of the Universe. All of the pieces of this Universal puzzle fit together beautifully and seamlessly and we have our very own place that we hold within that cosmic puzzle. When you take a deep breath, and you slow your thinking and connect to the rhythm of your own breath, the beat of your own heart, can you sense the greater rhythms of life within your own unique patterning. As you breathe in the air around you, can you allow yourself to notice and connect to the fact that the air we breathe is just a small part of the Universal atmosphere? Will you challenge yourself to reach up, to look up, to experience and connect with the more of all that there is? Will you allow yourself to feel connected to and supported by forces much beyond our awareness and our immediate vision? Can you also yourself the time, experience, and space to revel in the vastness of the Universe and your roll in it? Can you flip the switch within the machine of your own brain that allows you to always come back to "...yes, and there's more..."? There's always more that meets the eye to any given situation and most of our given awarenesses. So why wouldn't we choose to believe that there's more then to what supports us? Can you see it? Will you connect to it? Will you allow yourself the freedom and the grace and the space to explore the vastness of your Universal support system? Just the seemingly small act of shifting your gaze upward and connecting with the stars and actually shift your entire perception as well as the whole of your Earthly experience for the better.

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