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Gentle, Effective Tough Love

Our Divine Download for May 31, 2021 is Tough Love/Lavender from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Lavender can be a bit misunderstood, and even underestimated. It is assumed because lavender is used frequently to help people relax and shape quiet spaces, that it is sort of feathery and light. BUT, underneath her feathery exterior, lavender packs a wallop of a punch, and underlying that lovely lavender scent that is so skilled at taking us down a notch, there's a bit of menthol, which is anything but soft and gentle. I run around with my lavender essential oil like the dad in My Big Fat Greek wedding does with his bottle of Windex. I insist, regardless of the nature of the ailment, that it can be fixed by putting some lavender on it (and 99.99999% of the time, it CAN be!) I do this because it works! It works, because it's strong enough to be the all purpose bad ass of the essential oil and herb world. Lavender asks us what exactly we're letting ourselves get away with right now? She wants to know where we've let ourselves off of the hook, or allowed ourselves to abstain from accountability or responsibility. Whatever it is, it's time to ground yourself and really dig deeply into your resolve to get into the task at hand. No more reasons, no more justifications. Just do your "work" (whatever it may be), and do it well. By exercising tough love with yourself in this way, and forcing yourself to pick up whatever it is that you allowed yourself to put down, you can continue to grow and heal in the present moment. Once you have dosed yourself with the necessary tough love in order to get back to business and stop making excuses for yourself and stop letting yourself off the hook, you can then reward yourself in a lovely balanced way.

Do you need to exercise tough love with yourself when it comes to prioritizing your own well being and taking care of your own health? Consider and AromaTouch Session, which uses lovely lavender oil, as well as several others in order to restore your body to a wonderful sense of homeostasis and balance. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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