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Get Fired Up For Your New Beginning

Our Divine Download for July 5, 2021 is Ace of Spring from Fairy Tarot. In other tarot interpretations, this would be considered the Ace of Wands, Fire, and Archangel Gabriel. Aces in Tarot are always about new beginnings! Yay! This is a new beginning where we are being required to take action, we're being required to actually do something. If there is something that you have been putting off, perhaps waiting for the "perfect" timing, this is your loud , clear call that NOW is the time. That thing that we have to do, that action that we are being asked to take, well, the thing is that this is something that we actually WANT to do, action that we want to take. We are being presented with new opportunities, and these are new and exciting opportunities. These are the types of opportunities which we get passionately excited about. These are the types of opportunities which bring us joy. Often times the Ace of Spring can refer to exciting new career opportunities which we are being guided to confidently accept. These are dreams come true types of opportunities and often, these are the types of opportunities which are in alignment with our divine right purpose. Whoo-hoo! So get moving, take action, do the things! Be bold, and brave, and fearless, and passionate about the things that you do! Enjoy this new beginning, and know that the best is still very much yet to come!

Any time we have a new beginning, even a positive new beginning, our physical bodies are often less than thrilled because we don't really like change, even when it's good change. It can throw us and our energy a little out of alignment. An aromaTouch Session can help bring us back to a state of homeostasis using essential oils, and can help us relax and unwind, so that we can feel ready for anything! Book Your aromaTouch Session Today: Book Your Session!


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