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Get Motivated To Manifest!

Our Divine Download for December 21, 2020 is Motivation and Manifestation from Oracle of the Fairies. Talk about your M & M's! Oh boy do these cards go hand in hand in a big, bold beautiful way! When we manifest, we want to make sure that we are doing so out of pure emotional intention for the greatest and highest good of all. We also want to make sure that we are doing so out of balanced emotional intention for ourselves, and that we're not playing small or settling for less than what we truly want or we truly deserve, because the Universe doesn't really play that game and doesn't respond to "meh" based requests. So get clear on what you are trying to manifest, because P.S. you are in a banging manifestation cycle right about now. But also get crystal clear on the what's and why's that underlie your manifestations. What's your motivation behind manifesting these things? Is it for the greatest and highest good of all involved? Is it truly, ultimately for YOUR greatest and highest good? Are you actively putting effort into your manifestations? Because just talking about it and giving it lip service is not enough to get that manifestation done. Sometimes when we look at what we want and start to examine why we want it, we may discover that we actually want something quite different which is more in alignment with out vibrational energy. That's why we need to look at the motivations behind those attempted manifestations. Joy is a great motivator. Joy is THE greatest motivator! If what you are wanting to manifest will not move you towards joy, there's not really much point to you manifesting it as far as the Universe is concerned. Our fairy friends are asking us to take greater action with concern to our manifestation right now. It's not enough to just think it, we have to feel it. We have to breathe life into it and blow it up in technicolor details. We have to act as if what we are working on manifesting is already here for us. We have to be actively practicing extreme gratitude. What actions do you need to take in order to support your manifestations? What are you waiting for? It might be winter in the northern hemisphere, but our fairies are alerting us to a cycle of potent and powerful manifestation which requires us to plant the seeds now. Like RIGHT now. Today. Do not miss out on this advantageous opportunity. Motivate yourself into manifesting the life of your dreams. The time is now!

Are you feeling out of sorts with your manifestation practice? Or perhaps your get up and go got up and left your motivation in the dust? A Back To Basics Session can get you back on track with both! Book Your Session Here!

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