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Get Moving On Laughing It Out

Our Divine Download for December 21, 2021 is Laughter and Body Movement from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. We're being lovingly reminded that we are simply not meant to take life as seriously as we do. This is a wake-up call for us not only to lighten up, but to try to see what we can let go of by laughing it off. Being too serious about life, so serious about life really does not serve us. In fact, when we're so rooted and weighed down in such weighty, serious stuff, energies can become stuck within our bodies. OUR energy can become stuck. Sometimes we need to move physically in order to be able to move mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Right now, physical movement is necessary and healing for us. It doesn't matter how we move our bodies, and we're asked not to think about it so much, but to just do it. Check in with your body: what type of movement is it craving? How does your body wish to experience movement right now? How can you bring joy, levity, and lightness to your physical body through movement? Are you able to laugh at yourself and your physical body as it moves? Can you maybe prioritize some light, silly, fun, even funny movement? Bodies really can be pretty comical when you think about it. They're meant to be enjoyed. They're meant to be our partners while we reside on this earth plane. How have you been connecting with your partner lately? How have you been treating your partner? Don't take too long to think about it because your clear directive is to lighten up, laugh it off, and get moving!

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