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Get Moving Towards Positive Health

Our Divine Download for January 9, 2022 is Dietary Change and New Exercise Program from the Butterfly Oracle Cards. Whelp, we heard it several times as 2021 came to a close, and now here we are, a lil more than a week into 2022 and we are being presented with the same message AGAIN. Diet and exercise are going to play a huge role in our overall well-being this year. Diet and exercise will be keys to our forward progress and leveling up in all areas of our life. And it's time to get moving on making some healthful and positive changes with our diets. No more thinking. No more planning. It's implementation time. Any changes that we make now from the standpoint of being healthier and allowing ourselves to move forward joyfully, more fully, towards our best and healthiest life, will bring us additional rewards and pay additional dividends. Our energy will increase, as will our confidence, and our overall well-being. Changes that we make which are just about our physical appearance, or what we "should" to in order to be healthy, or what is trending in society at the moment are unlikely to stick and will be met with energetic resistance. We have the potential not only for additional success right now, but to receive additional support both from people on the Earth plane as well as our spiritual support team - if we will just ask for the help that we need! We can also call on our spiritual support team to help us with guidance, motivation, and even in dealing with habits, patterns, and cravings. With the additional support available to us right now, dietary and movement challenges which have plagued us for the better part of our current lifetimes are more easily resolvable and won't feel so daunting to tackle. Any positive changes that we make to any area of our diet, or to add movement to our lives right now will also reap more bountiful rewards in seemingly unrelated areas of our life like business, family, and romance. Beginning to make these changes within our diets and how we move through our lives is a big key to our 2022 success. So hop to it!

The AromaTouch technique is a wonderfully positive way to prioritize the diet of what you're putting in and on your skin. Restore your system to a state of health and homeostasis using essential oils and a light, soothing touch on your back and feet. Book Your AromaTouch Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!

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