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Get Your Creativity On!

Our Divine Download for March 17, 2021 is Surrender to Creativity from The Power of Surrender Cards. Creativity can be a tricky and challenging endeavor for many people. We are all inherently creative beings, our bodies are literally designed to create life! But we don't think about procreation as particularly creative and we can become quite narrow in the ways in which we define creativity. Many people think that if they are not artists by trade, that they are therefore not creative or are somehow immune from needing to exercise regular creative expression. We don't need to draw, paint, sculpt, or write to be creative. There are literally infinite ways within which to express your unique creativity. Creativity can be experienced and exercised in any facet of our lives. We can choose to move creatively, dress creatively, cook creatively, work creatively (yes, even if we are not artists or musicians). There are literally no limits to where, when, and how we can tap into and exercise our creativity. Except those which we place upon ourselves through out limiting thoughts, beliefs, and narrow definitions. The more we can open ourselves up to our full creative expression and potential, the more we will see creative solutions begin to emerge for our problems and challenges. The more we allow creativity to flow through and in our lives, the more our lives will simply flow. Are you in touch with your creative self? Are you prioritizing creative expression in your life? Where do you feel that creative solutions are lacking in your life? How can you express your creativity each day? Are you able to align with the truth of your innate creativity? Can you challenge yourself to express your creativity in new and different ways? Are you able to express your creativity without censoring or judging yourself? Lean into these questions and see if you can surrender to your creative potential. Challenge yourself to do one creative thing, however you choose to define that, and however that works best for you each day.

Our creativity can become stagnant and blocked by the energies within our bodies which settles in certain areas and creates obstacles for full energetic expression. Clear any creative blocks with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book your session here!

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