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Gift Yourself Time in Nature

Our Divine Download for December 24, 2020 is Go Outside and Nature's Signs from Oracle of the Fairies. So often when we think about celebrating winter holidays, we think about being tucked in and cozy indoors. But we are getting clear and specific guidance that we need to be outside and in nature, at least for a little while today. Nature is talking to us all of the time, through subtle cues and messages and Mother Nature has gifts for us today if we will interact with her and still our minds and our hearts long enough to receive and listen. You don't have to go for a formal hike, or even leave your own yard (or balcony, etc.) in order to get outside and connect with or commune with nature. It only takes a couple of minutes and a willing mind and an open heart. You can surely spare a couple of minutes today. Go outside. Feel your feet on the ground. Breathe in the air. Turn your face towards the sun (or clouds). Just be. Breathe and just be. And listen. Listen with your ears. Listen with your heart. Listen with your mind. See if you can listen, and hear with your whole body. Challenge yourself to get outside and give yourself these moments of peaceful possibility each and every single day from this day forward. Will you give yourself the gift of connection with nature? Will you cultivate peace for yourself regardless of your environment? By seeking to connect with nature and cultivate peace, you will recharge your batteries and more easily connect with the magic of the natural world. When you allow yourself to just sit and be and experience nature, you can most easily connect with the natural rhythms of life and of nature and it is in this balanced inspired place that you most easily connect with your role as a small part of the greater whole. If you are unable to get outside in nature due to physical limitations or weather conditions, try to visualize yourself being out in nature in great, glorious detail. Go to or visualize a flowing body of water and imagine your cares, concerns, and burdens being carried away by the moving waters. At the same time see your manifestations, hopes, and wishes being carried towards you by the flowing water. Being physically near or visualizing the water element will cleanse and clear your emotional body as well. Be aware of any signs or signals that come to you either as you are outside in nature or through your nature visualization and accept them with gratitude. Connecting with nature allows you to most fully embody your true nature which is the gift that keeps on giving!

Spending time outside and receiving the signs and support of nature is a simple and basic action step that we can take to cultivate peace and support in our lives. Gift yourself a Back to Basics Session before they're gone to see what other powerful basics your guides suggest to support you right now. Book Your Session Here!

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