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Give it Up for Forgiveness

Our Divine Download for July 9, 2020 is Amber/Give it to God and Topaz/Forgiveness Heals from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. Dear ones, you've been carrying too much for too long. It's time. It's time to put down what doesn't belong to us, what no longer serves us. It's time to release ourselves from the harsh judgments and impossibly high standards to which we hold ourselves. It's time to put down the burden of the weight of unforgiveness. It's time to hand those things that we cannot seem to solve or fix over to the outstretched hands or our creator who is waiting to relieve us of the burden of self. It's time to allow ourselves the freedom of forgiveness. It's time to allow ourselves the freedom of not carrying that which is not ours to carry. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and a big part of that human experience is that we are here to learn. When we exist to learn and grow on our paths towards joy, we will always do the best that we can in any given situation at any given time. We do not set out to see how badly we can mess things up or how many people we can hurt. We will surely make mistakes, and that's part of the process of learning and growing. But where we get it wrong is that we do not simply allow ourselves the space or the grace to make mistakes in the process of learning and growing. We punish ourselves, we downright beat ourselves up emotionally, and in some ways physically for the perceived mistakes that we make, and in doing so, this is where we create true suffering. We interrupt the natural evolution of our growth process and we stunt our learning when we insist on punishing ourselves for what ultimately comes down to a lack of perfection. We punish other people by failing to make appropriate amends and apologies because we are so busy focusing on what we did or got wrong. So today, right now, set it down. Make amends and offer sincere heartfelt apologies where they are do and forgive yourself. Give to God what you cannot fix, what you cannot resolve within yourself, or troubled or damaged situations with others. Lighten your load. Stop carrying the burdens. Free your heart and free your mind and lean into how much better than newly cleared emotional space feels!

It's a good idea to check in with your chakras as you get to the letting go part of the program, just to make sure there isn't anything you are carrying in those powerful energetic spaces which you can set down too. Flower Therapy Chakra Readings will tell you what's going on in your chakras and what you can do to clear and balance them for optimal function and support. Book a Session!


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