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Give to Receive Abundant Surprises

Our Divine Download for October 29, 2020 is Six of Abundance from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. In other Tarot Interpretations this card would be the Six of Earth/Coins/Autumn/Archangel Ariel. The suit of Abundance has to do with all of the things that sustain us on the Earth plane, and most often addresses the issue of time and money. The Six of Abundance foretells an inflow of abundance, and usually this is quite unexpected. There is something about this unexpected abundance that is being bestowed upon you that balances the scales a little bit. Sometimes it can mean that someone is paying off a debt or a loan (and usually this is money or time that you never actually expected to see again). Because you are receiving this gift of the inflow of abundance, you are being asked to possibly bestow a similar gift on another person or an organization, to pay it forward so to speak. You're being reminded that we are always more abundant than we believe that we are. Very few things remind us of our innate abundance as thoroughly as sharing our gifts with others. Regardless of your current circumstances, you always (ALWAYS!) have something to give. Abundance is not always defined with dollar signs and as physical financial prosperity. You can often speed up manifestations and even draw more and continuing abundance to you when you are generous with time and spirit. When you get stuck in lack mentality, ask yourself what you have to give others and actually do some giving. It is the surest way to attract even more and even greater abundance.

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