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Give to Receive, Love

Our Divine Download for August 22, 2021 is Archangel Zariel telling us "Give and receive love. Obey the spiritual laws." from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Ah, yes. Love. We all want more love in our lives. We all need more love in our lives. And, what The Beatles told us many years ago, "All You Need Is Love" still holds very true today. But, we have a silly little habit of looking at love conditionally, and honestly, sometimes a little bit backwards. We place all sorts of conditions on our love: our love has to be earned, our love is only worthy of certain behaviors, other behaviors somehow negate other's experience of our love, we will only show love to those who have similar or exact political beliefs or associations, we won't show love to those whose ideals differ from our own. Etc. Uh huh. We're getting this whole thing kind of wrong. Very wrong! EVERYONE is meant to experience love unconditionally. And, it's often the very people whose ideas, affiliations, and beliefs differ from ours who actually need our love the most. You don't have to marry every single person you show your love to. But can you imagine how very different our world would be if we shared love as freely as we withhold it?! So what's stopping us?! We do this within our own families, our friend groups, and our personal and romantic relationships too. How often do we feel, and subsequently complain because we don't feel that we are experiencing enough love in our lives? But when we really sit down and look at it, we are actually withholding our own love from within all of those relationships when we don't feel loved, so it creates an endless cycle, and a pretty dysfunctional vacuum. It's pretty simple: you want to feel loved - love more. The more love you give, the more love you share, the more love you will experience and receive. And THIS is the type of cycle that we want to go on and on. This is the type of cycle that will change your life, and can change the whole wide world.

There are few people who will love us with the same depth and intensity as our Angels love us. When you feel as though love has been lacking in your life, or in your world, your Angels can help guide you back to those lost loving feelings through a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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