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Go With The Flow!

Our Divine Download for July 25, 2021 is River/Movement from Earth Magic Oracle Cards. River also reminds us of the ebb and flow of the ocean, but her message is a different in that she is moving even when she appears to be standing still. Rivers are always flowing, even at their stillest points, which is how they carry their water out to the eventuality of the ocean. Sure, sometimes River may appear to be still, but there is still flow even within that stillness. We resist the still, and we often assume that when we are finding our own stillness or center, that we are not moving and are not taking rest. But just as the sun's rays energize the apparent stillness of River's waters, any stillness that we find and rest that we take energizes us in the same way. River knows that there are times for stillness, just as there are times to move at different speeds. We may sometimes need to move carefully around or through certain obstacles in the same way that River flows precariously around certain rocks or through certain challenging topographical areas. We may also sometimes need to move rapidly through certain times in our lives, just as River rushes when necessary. River doesn't stop to think about making these changes or adjustments to how she flows, she just keeps flowing and adjusts her pace and voracity as necessary. She asks us to be willing to do the same thing. When we remain fluid and allow ourselves to be in the flow, it doesn't matter how we are flowing, just that we are. Everything in life becomes so much simpler and so much easier when we are able to remain in the flow, which is another nod to River as she is never particularly complicated. When we decide to embrace being in the flow of life, we don't have to worry about the how's and why's and when's and where's. We are able to just be as we are, and in doing so, we are unlikely to be swept away.

River also asks "How is the energy flowing in your body?" To make sure that it is flowing freely, and that there are no blocks or obstacles, an Integrative Reiki Session allows us to flow while in a restful state. Book Your Integrative Reiki Sesison Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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