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Go With The Flow Of Envisioning The Future

Our Divine Download for June 19, 2021 is Envision The Future/Precious Opal from The Illustrated Crystallary. Precious Opal asks us to not only look towards the future, but to take the time to envision the future that we want. Precious Opal knows that time is fluid, and that there must be a great amount of fluidity in anything that we become and anything that we envision. There is great power in fluidity and Opal helps us work with and make sense of the swirling waters and the ebb and flows of moving bodies of water, as well as the ebb and flow of our own lives. Opal encourages us to choose our road and name our path because when we stand still, just like when water stands still, we stagnate. We often hope for the future, and we may plan to some extent, but the real magic comes when we take the time to use all of our senses to envision our future and really bring it into technicolor, crystal clear focus. When we do this, utilizing all of our senses and our emotions, we actually embody our desires for what is to come! Talk about powerful magic! We don't have to live in this space. We can just take a few quiet moments, after we have stilled our body and our mind, to truly SEE, envision, breathe the details into our future, really FEEL how it feels to be there, in that future place. The more details we can add, even in terms of scent, sound, tactile feel, and texture, the more lifer we are breathing into the future that we are creating. Will you invest a couple of minutes each day to do this? Can you afford not to?! Opals, unlike other crystals, have no regular internal structure, they are amorphous in nature. In opals, their fluidity, the fluidity of becoming, has given them a stable structure. Will you allow your fluidity of becoming provide you will stability on the path towards the fluid future you envision for yourself? This fluidity encourages us to find ways out of the ruts of day to day life and opens us up to new possibilities and brighter, bolder futures.

Fluidity can be a tough concept to master because we hold on to the illusion of control in order to help ourselves feel safe. The ridged-ness of the illusion of control not only prevents us from moving forward as we are meant to, but can cause discomfort and dis-ease within our physical bodies. You can assess these patterns during an Integrative Reiki Session and help bring in more fluidity and better flow to your physical body and your life. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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