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Gratefully Level Up Your Abundance

Our Divine Download for March 28, 2022 is Count Your Blessings from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. We are being reminded to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Within our attitude of gratitude lies the potential for great abundance. When you find yourself focusing on what you do not have and how you do not want things to be, "Cancel, clear, delete" that nonsense and focus on what you DO have and what IS as you wish it to be in your life. When you do this you immediately shift your energy and open the door to have MORE of what you are already grateful for and for prosperity and abundance to flow to you in bigger and even more meaningful ways. When we focus on what we have, we also automatically stay present moment focused which allows us to be mindfully connected to our lives and all of the amazing things that we have in them. As you count your blessings, you become a magnet, a super magnet even for even more blessings. It is important to you right now to keep yourself focused and aligned with the present moment and loving experiences in your life as this is the energy that will guide you quickly and safely to your next steps. The act of writing down your blessings creates an even greater strong, tangible energy and tends to magnify your blessings and your gratitude even more, fast tracking your abundance even further. Enjoy taking a grateful inventory of what you have in your life. Enjoy opening to receive even more!

Our Angels want us to be in our naturally Abundant state and will help guide us there through simple Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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