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Ground Yourself In Appreciation For Mother Earth

Our Divine Download for February 26, 2023 is Earth/Home from the Messages From the Spirits of Nature Oracle. Earth shows up for us today to call us out on being super duper ungrounded. We've been feeling disconnected from our bodies as well as disengaged from the earth beneath our feet. With so much turmoil happening on our beloved planet, to and on our home, at any given moment, it is understandable why we might disengage from our beloved mother earth. But when we're in this state, with our proverbial heads in the clouds, there's a sense of loss, alienation, fragmentation, and dissociation. We have likely found ways to compensate for our lack of grounding, but these are temporary measures and may even be used to further numb ourselves from reality. We need to reawaken the relationship between ourselves, our physical bodies and the physical earth herself. Dance, sit on the floor, walk barefoot on the ground (the literal act of "earthing!"), do yoga, tai chi, touch a love one, engage in any act of love. Breathe deeply and slowly while you do these or any other activities that you may be intuitively guided to do. Express your gratitude to and for Mother Earth for the home that she provides and the sustenance she offers the physical home for your spiritual being (your body). Consider making an offering to Mother Earth using cornmeal, sage, or sacred tobacco by taking a pinch and prayerfully placing it upon the land, the body of Mother Earth. Making offerings of this nature is a way of honoring and reciprocating your relationship with Mother Earth and partnering with her on becoming more grounded by offering her gratitude and blessings. You can even go so far as to literally kiss the very ground upon which you walk as an expression of love and gratitude for how Mother Earth both provides a home and IS home!

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