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Grow From Your Inner Light

Our Divine Download for June 20, 2022 is Father Sun from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck with the keywords direction, illumination, and active growth. You are entering a period of active growth, which is hardly shocking given all of the inner work and alignment work that we have been called to focus on so far in 2022. There is bountiful energy around you at this time, and if you use it wisely, taking action each and every single day, directing the energy towards your future goals, you will take great strides and experience amazing progress. Direct the changes that you are working towards through assertive action and appropriate boundaries as now is not the time to take action merely for the sake of taking action. This card illuminates the shadow side of self and coming into your own power. It is not always easy or comfortable to look at or face your shadow side or to come into your own power, sometimes these realizations can even be painful, but you are being put on notice now that you must clear the way for progress to occur. Though the path towards enlightenment can sometimes be a challenging path to walk, with the sun's energy you can overcome and conquer your fears through the process of self-illumination and self-realization. The sun also reminds us that each of us is the light in a world that is sometimes overcome with darkness and that each of us has the ability, and the responsibility to shine our own light in order to make a difference in the world and to help others see more clearly. The Father Sun Prayer is: "Help me, Great Spirit, to recognize my own inner light so that I may project positive loving energy out into the world and work towards achieving my goals with clear direction."

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