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Grow Through What You Go Through

Our Divine Download is Perseverance/Dandelion from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Dandelion is bold, bright, and sunny, and she always chooses to grow where she is planted. This is true for Dandelion even when she is planted in the middle of a concrete parking lot. And you'll notice that her sunny, cheery disposition is not hindered by her circumstances. Rather, she does her thing, bringing the light of the sun in the biggest, brightest, boldest way that she possibly can, regardless of where she was planted and what other circumstances she may be facing. As Dandelion goes through those cycles that Elderberry spoke of yesterday, she does so as the eternal optimist, always happy to blow and be free and grow where she is planted, setting off on new adventures as she rides the waves of her own cycles. She maintains her sunny disposition and her optimistic nature by being solidly rooted wherever she may be planted, grounding herself into reality and the present moment. She brings us the message that "Happiness is an inner landscape that has little to do with where you're planted." Dandelion is also remarkably adaptable to her environment. She encourages us to consider what we actually need in order to grow strong. When dandelion grows in a lawn, she will often keep her flowers short so that when the lawn is mowed, her flowers will remain safe beneath the mower's blades. In this way she asks us to what small changes we may be able to make in order to adapt our own nature away from particular obstacles in order to remain cheerful and persevere in our own growth. Call on Dandelion when you're ready to make your own joy, strongly and solidly rooted in the present moment, no matter what life throws at you.

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