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Grow With It Baby!

Our Divine Download for July 31, 2021 is The Ever-Unfolding Rose with the message "Cracked Open. It's happening for you, not to you." From the Work Your Light Oracle Cards. What a lovely and timely reminder for us that everything is cyclical, and that these cycles of life are infinite. Meaning that they go on and on. They rinse and repeat. They do not stop. How often do we find ourselves putting off something that we need, want, or have to do, because "I just have to get through (insert latest thing we've built up as needing to be gotten through) first."? If we're honest, it's pretty darned often. Or like nearly constant. Or, essentially how most of us live our lives most of the time. But life isn't meant to be "gotten through" or to be something we endure. And those things that we need, want, or have to do, aren't tetris pieces that we're meant to move around until it is somehow a more convenient time for our current growth cycle. The ever-unfolding rose doesn't bloom, loose it's last petals, and say "peace out! I'm done being a rose now!" Nope. It's still a rose. It's still living. It's still growing. It's just doing so in a less visible and obvious cycle. The same is really true for us. We're always somewhere in our own person growth cycle. Sometimes that growth will be readily apparent and super visible, sometimes it won't be very obvious to others or even ourselves, but it's very much still there, very much still happening. When we can be mindful that the challenges and obstacles that we may experience in our lives exist to help us with wherever we are at in our current growth cycles, it is easier for us to hold these lesson givers in perspective and not feel victimized by their circumstances. All of which of course leads to easier and more comfortable growth! So stop procrastinating! THIS is the time to take care of all of your needs, wants, and have-to-do's. Right here, right now, right at this current stage within your own personal growth cycle. It won't be better tomorrow, next week, or next month, it'll just be different because that is the direction in which you are growing.

No matter where we are within our own personal growth cycles, it's always a good idea to check in with our energy centers, our chakras, to ensure that we are growing in as healthy and balanc

ed a way as we possibly can. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will help you do just that. Book Your Session Here:Book Your Session Today!

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