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Grow Your Friendships Through Your New Growth

Our Divine Download for August 21, 2022 is Uriel/Friendship from The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards. Archangel Uriel is said to be the Archangel of inspiration and is also seen as the divine companion as such. Our relationships signify the deeper fabric of our lives as they evolve through our life's growth. Archangel Uriel is guiding us that the dynamics and rapport that we have with some of our friends is changing at this time in order to reflect the internal core processes that are changing and evolving within us. It is natural that as we grow and change and evolve, as we are meant to, that our relationships would also follow suit. Relationship shifts and changes don't have to be a bad thing or a sad thing or a scary thing and some of the best bonds of friendships and love are forged through mutual evolution. Archangel Uriel asks you to surrender any feelings or concerns that you may have about your friendship or companionship to him. All of your relationships are being watched over extra carefully not only by Archangel Uriel, but by all of the Archangels at this time and they will help you to make easy, love-filled transitions, if you simply ask them for their help, guidance, and support. This is also a time when you may have new friendships enter your life in order to mirror for you your inner blossoming and changes and you are being encouraged to receive and welcome these new relationships and dynamics into your life. As your relationships shift and unfold, you can chant "Hoo" through your sacral chakra, to help your relationship zone to be healed by the angels and to prepare you to move forward in all of your friendships.

Friendship dynamics can be challenging especially as one or both friends are changing and our Angels understand this and will comfort and support us through this process during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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